Cette page est une ébauche de traduction de la page du site wiki anglais : Le deuxième ensemble de donjon, aussi appelé T 0.5, est une collection d'Ensembles d'armures. Le deuxième ensemble de donjon est composé d'objet de qualité rare et épique. Il est obtenu par amélioration du premier ensemble de donjon par une série de quêtes.

Quêtes d'amélioration

Première partie: Bracelets

Le bracelet est la première pièce à être amélioré. Le level minimum pour obtenir cette quête est 58.

Modèle:Horde Icon Small Horde
Le donneur de quête pour la horde se trouve dans la chambre de Thrall. Il vous dira que vous devrez ramasser 15 échantillon de venin de Silithus sur les scorpions et araignés de Silithus, anisi que 20 pièce d'or. Le taux d'obtention est pas trop mal, celà prend environ 30 minutes.
Modèle:Alliance Icon Small Alliance
Le donneur de quête pour l'alliance est un PNJ nommé Deliana dans la chambre du thrône d'Ironforge Elle demande 15 Echantillon de sang de Berceau-de-l'Hiver, ainsi que 20 pièce d'or. Le taux d'obtention est pas trop mal.

Après avoir améliorer votre bracelet, il vous sera demandé d'allé à Gadgetzan pour parler à un de ses amis.

Deuxième étape: Ceinture et gants

Mux Manascrambler

Dans Gadgetzan, vous devez parler à Mux Manascrambler. Il vous demandera 1 Convertisseur d'arcanite délicat, 4 Essence éternelle supérieure, 10 Huile de Stonescale, et 40 pièces d'or, ainsi que 25 "Cendre volcanique", obtenu dans la lave des Steppes ardentes. Il veut créer le "distilleur ectoplasmique" pour son nouveau projet, le "révélateur de fantômes extradimensionnel".


Après avoir assemblé le distilleur ectoplasmique, Mux vous demande de ramasser des ectoplasme; douze chaque provenant de Silithus, Winterspring, et Eastern Plaguelands. Le distiller ectoplasmique est utilisé en cliquant dessus, il consume un Goblin Rocket Fuel. Le distiller ectoplasmique va agir pendant 5 minutes, un aura indiquera son action. Vous allez recevoir un buff qui vous permettera de ramasser les ectoplasmes des fantomes morts. Vous devez avoir le buff au moment ou le fantome meurt pour ramasser l'ectoplasme.

The tortured night elves in Silithus are located in Southwind Village, along the middle of the eastern mountains. When you kill them, they spawn 0-3 bugs, which really limits how quickly you can kill them. (Warlocks can use Howl of Terror when the mob is nearly dead.)
Eastern Plaguelands
The best place for Stable Ectoplasm in Eastern Plaguelands is Northdale, as there are nothing but ghosts there (but watch out for fear). Both the Banshees as well as the invisible ghosts will drop Ectoplasm. Have a Warlock buff you with Detect Greater Invisibility before heading here to avoid unwanted multi-pulls.
Head to Lake Kel'Theril. Any of the mobs on the lake will drop it, but there are some ruins on the northwest part of the lake with very high concentrations of them. Southwest of the lake there are some more ruins with many ghosts. Tip: While in Winterspring, you can also pick up the "Fel Elemental Rod" that you'll need in a couple steps. This will save you a trip. See below for more info.
Additional tips
  • To maximize your fuel, wait to drop the Distiller until just before your first enemy dies.
  • The distiller will vanish if you get too far away from it (it's forgiving, about 50-60 yards).
  • Multiple players (of the same faction) can share a single Distiller by pulling mobs to it. However, only one Ectoplasm can be looted per mob, so being in a group won't help. Also, you will not get the buff from a Distiller that somebody of the opposite faction dropped.
  • With careful planning and fast kills, it is possible to complete this quest with the eight Goblin Rocket Fuel that Mux gave you. However, classes that kill slowly will likely need more, so plan ahead and bring extras.

Burning Steppes: Magma Lord Bokk

Once you've taken these back to him, he tells you to go back to Burning Steppes and kill Magma Lord Bokk and bring back his Magma Core. Bokk is non-elite, and quite easily soloable. You can find him hanging out at the northern tip of the lava pool (it shows up on the map) that's just west of the Pillar of Ash, loc around 35,58. He looks like a big Earth Elemental.

Winterspring: Fel Elemental Rod

Next, Mux will send you to Winterspring to get a "Fel Elemental Rod". It is purchased from the imp Vi'el (map), who resides in a cave near the entrance to Darkwhisper Gorge. You can sneak past the two Hederine Slayers at the entrance to the gorge, and also past the Felhound at the mouth of the cave if you pay careful attention to its patrol route. Purchase the rod from Vi'el for Modèle:G and take it back to Mux.

If you buy the rod earlier on in the quest line (before the "Fel Elemental Rod" becomes a needed quest item), Vi'el will sell it to you for Modèle:G, as Mux suggests he should.


After giving Mux the Fel Elemental Rod, he will send you back to your original questgiver (in Ironforge/Orgrimmar), who asks for the dungeon 1 set belt and gloves in exchange for the Dungeon 2 belt and epic gloves.

Troisième étape : Pantalons, épaulettes et bottes

Baron Rivendare

Vote prochaine étape est d'utiliser le Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer près de la pierre de rencontre de Stratholme pour parler avec le fantome de Anthion Harman. Il vous demandera de sauver Ysida Harmon du Baron Rivendare. Cette quête est un événement chronométré, qui demande que le groupe engage le combat avec le Baron Rivendare avant 45 minutes depuis l<ouverture du deuxième grillage de la porte de service de Stratholme.

  • NOTE: The rumour about using Spectral Essence to talk to the prisoner at the end is not true. Did strath in 1h on 3/30, and equipping at the end didn't reveal anyone.
  • WARNING: Using the Medallion of Faith and summoning Aurius for the Baron Rivendare fight seems to break the quest script and hence making this quest impossible to complete.

Ramasser le matériel

Après avoir fait le Baron en 45 minutes, vous devez retourner voir le fantome, qui vous demandera 3 Dark Iron Bar, 3 Mooncloth, 20 Enchanted Leather, and 4 Cured Rugged Hide. Après lui avoir donné, il vous enverra à la biliothèque de Dire Maul pour parler avec Falrin Treeshaper.

Ogre Warbeads

Falrin Treeshaper in Dire Maul gives you a quest to gather 25 Ogre Warbeads off the ogres in Dire Maul and Lower Blackrock Spire. The droprate goes (roughly) as follows: Dire Maul (Outside): 1:30, Dire Maul (North): 1:5, Lower Blackrock Spire: 1:2.

Although the drop rate is much higher in Lower Blackrock Spire, there is also much fewer ogres in that instance. It will require multiple runs of either instance to obtain all of the Ogre Warbeads required.

Jeering Spectre's Essence

Once you have 25 Ogre Warbeads, you return to Falrin Treeshaper. He will send you to gather 4 Dark Rune, 8 Large Brilliant Shard, and 1 Jeering Spectre's Essence (which will drop off ghosts in DM West.) The essence is a group drop and you do not need the quest to recieve it. Afterwards, return to the librarian he gives you a banner to take to BRD. Immediately after recieving the banner, you will be attacked by 5 to 6 ghosts which will spawn close by. It does not seem to matter if you win the battle or not.

Top Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet

Once you get the banner, you have to go to BRD and kill Theldren's Army and retrieve the Top Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet. To do this, just go in the arena, use the banner while the dwarf is "sentencing" you, and destroy all the mobs that come out of the gates. NOTE: Do not forget to get the Top Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet from Theldren.

These mobs behave like a pvp group with a mage, healer, warrior, rogue, and sometimes a dynamite tossing goblin. Can't taunt them so they go for healers. Not too hard if done with a mage.

The completion of the event spawns a box of loot and you get to keep the banner in case you want to get the loot again in the future.

You turn in the quest to the NPC at the Stratholme enterance at which point he will send you back to IF/Org.


At this point, you receive your Dungeon 2 Pants, Shoulders, and Boots. (Pants and Shoulders are blue, Boots are epic.)

Step Four: Helm and Chest


Go to Blackrock Mountain and talk to a ghost right outside the BRS entrance using your ghost revealer. He gives you the quest "Three Kings of Flame" which requires you to collect 1 Incindicite of Incendius, 1 Ember of the Emberseer, 1 Cinder of Cynders, and 1 Hallowed Brazier. To get these, you have to kill Incendius in BRD, Emberseer in UBRS, The Duke of Cynders in Silithus, and obtain honored with the Argent Dawn to buy a Hallowed Brazier (Modèle:G) from an Argent Dawn Quartermaster. The Duke of Cynders will be the hardest, since you must collect all the twilight gear to summon a duke, and have only a one in four chance of getting the Duke of Cynders. Note that if you turn in Twilight texts to the hermit Ordell, he may send you a scroll in the mail that will allow you to summon the correct duke. The item you want is Scroll: Create Signet of Beckoning.

The Left Piece of The Amulet

You need to complete one of the following quests

You receive one of the following quests at random. People of the same and different classes have received different quests. You will need to complete that quest before moving on to your "summon" quest, which is the step after this.

Each of these quests requires you to get 1 item from somewhere in the game world, and return it the ghost in BRM. The drop rate on each quest seems to be about equal, anywhere from 5-20 kills. Easily doable by 2 people.

  • Go to Purgation Isle in Hillsbrad Foothills and kill Condemned Monks, Cursed Paladins or Writhing Mages for the Soul Ashes of the Banished. When you turn in this quest, you are sent to Scholomance to summon the spirit of Kormok in Ras Frostwhisper's chamber.
  • Go to Tyr's Hand in Eastern Plaugelands and kill Preatorians for the Brilliant Sword of Zealotry. They are found toward the rear of Tyr's Hand. When you turn in this quest, you are sent to Scarlet Stratholme to summon the spirits of Jarien and Sothos in Grand Crusader Dathrohan's chamber.
  • Go to Hive'Regal in Silithus and kill Hive'Regal Burrowers, Hive'Regal Spitfires or Hive'Regal Slavemakers for the Druidical Remains. When you turn in this quest, you are sent to Lower Blackrock Spire to summon the spirit of Mor Grayhoof in Warmaster Voone's chamber.
  • Go to Frostwhisper Gorge in Winterspring and kill Frostmaul Giants or Frostmaul Preservers for the Starbreeze Village Relic. When you turn in this quest, you are sent to Dire Maul East to summon the spirit of Isalien in Alzzin the Wildshaper's chamber.

Note, that as long as you've done the first half of the summoning quest; gathering the reagents and turned them in for the next step, you do not have to do YOUR summon quest. If your quest says to perform the summoning in Balnazzar's room, but you have a guildmate who needs to summon Mor Grayhoof in Lower Blackrock Spire, you can help kill her, and loot your left (or right) piece of the amulet. You then turn in the amulet and move onto the next step of the quest. It is unknown if bosses summoned with the *final* brazier you receive at the end of the quest line will drop the amulet pieces for people on that step of the quest.

Dustwallow Marsh

The ghost outside of BRS will send you to gather 20 Bloodkelp from Alcaz Island in Dustwallow Marsh. Bloodkelp can drop in quantities of 1-2 from the 59-60 Elite Nagas or in quantities of 1-3 from "Bloodkelp Baskets", usually found near or inside the various buildings on the island.

The Right Piece of The Amulet

Now you need to do another of the quests listed at The Left Piece of The Amulet. The quests are once again random and you may receive the right piece the same way you received your left piece.

Upper Blackrock Spire

Return to the Ghost outside of BRS with the quest item and he will send you to gather Bracers off of Orcs in BRS. Accounts state that the Orcs in UBRS have a much higher drop rate than the Orcs in LBRS. Your mileage may vary.

Once again return to the Ghost outside of BRS. Give him the bracers and a Flask of Supreme Power and he will give you what you need to summon Lord Valthalak in the Beasts Room in UBRS. Clear to the Beasts room. Kill the Beast. Summon Lord Valthalak. Kill Lord Valthalak and loot the quest item. TALK TO THE SPIRIT OF LORD VALTHALAK AND THEN AND ONLY THEN, return to the Ghost outside of BRS. He will send you back to the NPC where you started the entire quest chain (Ironforge/Orgrimmar) for your Helm and Breastplate.

Objets demandés pour toute la suite

En plus de vous demander de tuer quelques montres et ramasser quelques items sur des monstres, les PNJ vous demandent aussi quelques objets de professsions. Sur le serveur de test, les personnages copiés disposaient de tous les objets nécessaires. La liste est la suivante:


  • 20 po

Ceinture et gants

Épaulettes, bottes et pantalons

Helm & Chest

--Total gold:Modèle:G(Costs for buying materials excluded)

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